CollegeHumor’s Annual Offline show is only a month away!

We’re getting pumped up by looking through pictures from last year’s show. And while we can’t promise that John Mayer will show up again or that we’ll tie Vinny to a large explosive device, we can promise that you won’t want to miss it.

Grab tickets here: Klondike presents CollegeHumor Offline 2011

Details: Friday, August 5 @ 8pm (doors open @ 7pm) - Gramercy Theater, NYC


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    I’m hosting next month’s CollegeHumor Live! show! You gotta come! Get your tix!
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    I´m going to this, hope it´s good. Seriously, it better be.
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    Very, very excited for this...We always go all out for this one every year and it’s
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    I. Want. To. Go. :(
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